Contact the Nationality Campaign team in Lebanon

Phone numbers:

Tel/Fax: +961 (0)1 423659;

+961(0) 1611079;

+961(0) 1 612924;

+961(0)1 616751.

E-mail:  info (at) ;

To Contact the Responsible of the Legal Unit of the Nationality Campaign Karima Chebbo: kchebbo (at)

Visit CRTD.A’s Website:

Like our page on Facebook: Lebanese Women’s Right to Nationality and Full Citizenship

Follow us  on Twitter: @Jinsiyati

Mention us on Twitter: via the #Jinsiyati for posts related to nationality.

Visit our Office after Scheduling a meeting with one of the colleagues:

Collective for Research & Training on Development-Action (CRTD.A)
Museum area, behind Volvo Compagny,
P.O. Box 165302 Beirut-Lebanon

Behlock Building, 1st floor,+35.51616&aq=&sll=33.878548,35.516186&sspn=0.002445,0.004823&ie=UTF8&t=h&ll=33.878575,35.515859&spn=0.004276,0.006866&z=17


2 thoughts on “Contact the Nationality Campaign team in Lebanon

  1. well done team,more important issue than most people think,iam a victim of this law of my birth place father is palestinian my mother is lebanese,i was born in lebanon and left at age 17, i only cosider myself lebanese, never thought i was not allowed to be lebanese.iam married to lebanese women,my children only know lebanon as their roots.
    now my daughter is married to a lebanese man,so my mother is lebanese,my wife and my daughter lebanese but my boys and i are alliens why because of tawteen
    my father is the holder of an australian nationality so he would never wants to go back to palestein a country he left at age 10,as for me i only know lebanon and would only accept that countries nationality because its my right .my beautiful country please be fair and accept your real children who loves you no matter what
    its hard to believe that a person born in a country and lived as good citizen for years but not accepted because his father was born somewhere else

  2. dear p hawa ur comment is so touching u are 100 % right i just wish the campaign reachs its goals because when a lebanese mom gives birth to a child this child will have lebanese blood in his body so he is sure lebanese this is totally unfairrrrrrr may god help the campaign members and may all forms of racism vanish inshaallah

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