Official positions 2008-2009

Previous Prime Minister Fouad Siniora in different occasions claimed he’s fully supporting this right, and will not vote in favor of excluding Palestinians.

Speaker of the House Me. Nabih Berri showed full support to women’s right to nationality and requested putting the issue on the agenda of the parliament.

MP Michel Aoun fully supported amending the nationality code, and considered it deemed to differentiate between human and women’s rights and political complications.

Minister of Education Ms. Bahia Hariri supports this law and won’t accept any discriminatory practices or excluding Palestinians.

MP Ghassan Mokhaiber spoke out in favor of gender equality and assured he would endorse any proposals submitted to parliament in that regard.

Minister of Labour Mr. Mohammad Fneish, on behalf of Hezbollah, showed full support for women’s right to nationality… and without exclusion.

MP Walid Jounblat assured that all ministers and parliament members of the bloc will vote in favor of the draft law.

On another hand, Many Lebanese politicians unfortunately are not always aware of the injustices inflicted against women. Ali Osseiran for instance severely objected women’s right to nationality as he’s not convinced of such right.


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