Kulluna Lil Watan

“كلنا للوطن!”

صرخة نساء لبنانيات وأسرهن يطالبن بالاعتراف… بمواطنيتهن الكاملة!

بمناسبة اليوم العالمي للنساء

تتشرف حملة “جنسيتي حق لي ولأسرتي” بالتعاون مع السفارتين الهولندية والألمانية في لبنان،

بدعوتكم/ن لحضور حفل إطلاق فيلم

كلنا للوطن” إخراج كارول منصور

وذلك يوم الثلاثاء الموافق فيه 8 آذار/مارس 2011

المكان: مسرح بابل – الحمرا

الزمان: الثلاثاء، 8 آذار/مارس الساعة 6 مساءً

برنامج الحفل

كلمة السفيرة الألمانية إلى لبنان – السيدة بريجيتا ماريا سيفكير

كلمة السفير الهولندي إلى لبنان – السيد هير إلتجي غيريت دو بوير

كلمة حملة جنسيتي حق لي ولأسرتي – السيدة لينا أبو حبيب

كلمة المخرجة – كارول منصور

عرض الفيلم

جلسة نقاش عام


One thought on “Kulluna Lil Watan

  1. hello

    i realy like to tell my story as many like me they are just keeping quiet about what they have been through ,just quick and short my grandfather was in lebanon during 2nd world war and my father born in lebnon from lebaneese mother and they been checked in ihsaa 1931,1932 and my dad raise that case in court asking to get back our lebanese citizen as our family member in lebanon lebanese ,any way he could not succeed,my father born in 1931 in lebanon as all family
    i born in lebanon too im 54 years old i study as my father study in lebanese school i have all document ,and i dont knwo only the lebanon,its long story i dont know were to start from all my sister they are lebanese because they married to lebanese ,and in 1994 my dad and other brother they get the lebanese citizenship ,except me because i was working as all lebanese in gulf region believing that when father and family getting that automaticly i will any way i was wrong ,untill date im trying to find the way for my kids also my wife lebanese ,so if you will calculate that my kids they are fully lebanese but they cannot have the citizen because of me
    i didnt attend that day to apply as indiviual application as i find out ,

    adding to this story all my family as grand father grand mother ,my dad my mom my sisters they are burried in lebanon
    im afraid that maybe i will not have the oppertinuty to be burried in soil of the country my dad me and family born and raise even my kids they have western cictizen but their country is lebanon and my daughthers married to lebaneese man too.
    best regards

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