Ziad Baroud: Women’s Right to Nationality


3 thoughts on “Ziad Baroud: Women’s Right to Nationality

  1. I agree with full right of women giving Nationality to any foreigner husband and Kids Except for a Palestinian Husband and Kids, because it will be a half law accepting Nationalization of Palestinians , already the other half has be implicotly legitimized when a female Palestinian marries a Lebanese Male, their kids acquire Lebanese Nationality from the father automatically.
    Richard Shdeed.
    Best Regards to all Readers.
    Please rfllect well about this exception!!!

  2. I respect minister Baroud because he is protecting our Lebanese constituion which gives equal rights for men and women but ALONE he cannot do anything the rest of the government are busy dividing the cheese among them and no one cares about the suffering and humiliation that women in Lebanon are having. Thank you minister Baroud and may God bless you and your family always. You are the only one who is objective in this country and sees things from a civil society point of vies.

  3. I am surprised that a politician has decided to take a public stand on this issue, and really hope that something is done about the blatant sexism that currently dominates our citizenship laws.
    However, so far all the risks and complications Baroud (and many other politicians) talk about also apply to men who are capable of passing on the Lebanese nationality, so we need to take a stand: either 1.these laws are ludicrous OR 2. we’re sexist. Those are the only two answers I see.

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