Check campaign press file

Please check recent media items in today’s newspapers (Feb. 19, 2010):


2 thoughts on “Check campaign press file

  1. I here invite all my sisters the Lebanese women to throw their high heeled shoes at Nehmtalla Abi Nasr and his likes.

    I think we should not have to bargain with ignorant people on what is really ours.

    Let us be brave my sisters and let us do what the Iraqi journalist did when he threw his shoes at GW Bush. We can throw our sharp, high heeled shoes at ABI Nasser and hopefully that will teach all Lebanese politicians a lesson.

    I don’t think they are going to change to law just like that. Pressure needs to mount at these rotten backwarded politicians otherswise the law will not change in our life time.

    Mother’s day is coming, let us aim to have the law changed by then. It only takes the stroke of a pen if the will is there. If the law is not changed by Mother’s day, then we get out shoes at ABi Nasr and his likes. The move will make modern history and will educate all Lebanese politicians about the right of women to equality.

    Long Live all the Lebanese FREE Women

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